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This website, https://blog.petfather.in/ is a sister version of our main website (Petfather) https://www.petfather.in/ where the contents are served in Indian regional languages (currently Hindi and Bengali only).

I am Tamal, the owner of Petfather. This is a community for pet lovers and owners to discuss all information, issues, and queries regarding pets and animals.

Most veteran members of this team are dealing with pets and fish for the last 10-11 years. This website is an excellent opportunity for us to give something back to the pet community.

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This website was created to help pet owners around the world. Managed by some very enthusiastic and highly knowledgeable pet owners, trainers, and doctors, you will find comprehensive pet care guides and product reviews on our website for all kinds of pets, ranging from dogs, fishes, cats, and rabbits to even horses and cattle.

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Having a pet is not an easy task, and it should not be. Pets are like our family members, more like children. Hence, it’s always recommended to consult a professional.

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